Calling All Dems

Calling All Dems

I hope everyone is staying safe especially in this time of covid and the civil unrest within the country due to racial inequality.

Instead of Trump appealing to peaceful protest and to work to fix a broken system he chose to utilize violence through the use of the military and police. This is another reason that we need to elect a leader in November that will be willing to come together with fellow Democrats and Republicans to fix a system that has been broken for decades.  It is important that we all vote this coming election. Many of you may have differing opinions of the candidates but we need to stand behind our candidates because the risk to this country is great if we allow Trump and Susan Collins to remain in Office. 

I ask everyone to share the commit to vote card with your family members, friends and other people that are of legal age to vote in the upcoming primary and november elections. Normally we do this through door to door interactions but due to Covid-19 we had to adapt. The following link will allow you to commit to vote this election year.

With the dangers of covid-19 still lurking in the background you can request an Absentee Ballot from the State of Maine. This will allow you to vote from the comfort of your home if you feel more comfortable. We all need to get out to vote and this option provides an alterantive to in-person voting which will allow your voice to be heard.

The Maine Democratic Party needs your help. Even if you do not want to work on the State Level you can work on the lcounty or local level. The party needs volunteers to call into areas across th estate, to talk to voters, identify our supports and collect “IDs” (how a person plans to vote in a given election). This is ESSENTIAL to helping our candidates know who to talk to from now through the big day in November

If you would like to assist on the State Level as there is much need please reach out to Maine Democratic Party.

Here you can sign up for phone bank training and other volunteer opportunties

This November is very important to this country we all need to come together as Democrats to make sure that our values are heard across the nation. 


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