Monthly Archives: January 2021

Yesterday the Somerset County Democrats had its elections. Robert Hyer was elected as Chair for a term of 2 years Joel Bouchard was elected as Vice-Chair for a term of 2 years Dan Savage retained his role as secretary for a term of 2 years Mike Hein was elected Treasurer for a term of 2 years. Please welcome and congratulate all newly elected officers of Somerset County.

The Somerset County Maine Democratic Party denounces all violence in our capital. Not since the war of 1812 has our capital been ransacked. Over the past 4 years, Trump has enabled the extreme right to come out of the shadows into the mainstream. He has created a huge division in the United States and will have many repercussions in the future under the Biden Administration. He continues to push voter fraud and refuses to denounce the actions that took place. Many congressional leaders were put at risk; however the Republican Party continues to turn a blind eye to Trumps last days. The good thing is that in about a week Trump will be gone and Biden will become president. We have been patiently waiting for the past 4 years for a change in administration. We all need to unite as a people and denounce hate and violence. Trump has brought…

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