Message from the Chair of Somerset County – Impeachment of Donald Trump

Message from the Chair of Somerset County – Impeachment of Donald Trump

As County Chair, I wanted to think about my response regarding the second impeachment of Donald Trump. The senate again failed again to convict Donald Trump. The Republican Party is so concerned of losing the voters that Trump built through propaganda and falsehoods they will do anything to hold onto power. Instead of standing up for the Constitution of the United States they chose to stand by a man who is corrupt and has always been corrupt.

The Republican Party currently is at war within itself. Affraid to lose power they are trying to hold onto what power they have. The Republican party although I do not agree with their methods but they too want what is best for this country. We just have different ways of doing things. We all love the United States and take pride in living here. The problem is that Trump brought out the worse in the Republican Party and now the soul of the Republican party is at risk of being corrupted by one man.

This brings a valid point in my mind that as Democrats we need to work together within our party because if we do not stand together as one then we too will face crisis. This happened to us during the 2016 election and Trump won office by a landslide. We have to remember that we need to work on healing this nation before we can work on other social economic projects. We need to reach out to the other side and those who are un-enrolled to discuss common values. If we do not do this the Democratic Party will eventually collapse.

Right now I can see the beginning of the end of the Republican Party as it fights for its soul with the evil that has corrupted it from within. They have chosen a man over the constitution of the United States and continue to place blame on the Democratic Party.

They enabled now former President Trump to bring out the extremists within their party and also condoned the violence and the attacks against the United States and the Constitution. This has backfired for the GOP because now they are stuck. There is a war going on currently between good and evil. If they choose to break away from their devotion to one man then their party will probably split as Trump has threatened to start the “Patriots Party”.

I am very grateful that Senator King and Senator Collins chose to convict President Trump especially Susan Collins. This however does not give her a free pass as she chose to enable Trump over the last four years. As Democrats and people of Maine we need to continue to hold our politicians at higher standards as they represent us. We need to reach out to Collins but we also must continue to put pressure on her to do what is best for Maine and the United States. We must make it clear that no one man is above the law and that no one man is above the Constitution of the United States.

The day that the Republican party chose to not convict now form President Trump will live down in history as a stain on their party, the United States of American and the Constitution of the United States.

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