Calling all Somerset County Maine Democrats. If you would like to help to develop fundraising strategies you are invited to attend the upcoming meeting of the Finance Committee. We will be looking to raise funds to assist grass root operations throughout the State of Maine. You must be a registered Democrat in Somerset County to join. All individuals will be verified prior to being allowed into the meeting. The Meeting will be Held on: April 25, 2021 from 5:30pm – 7:00pm Join Zoom Meeting Dial by your location+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)Meeting ID: 825 3954 9713Passcode: 648292

Please Join us for our Monthly Meeting of the Somerset County Maine Democrats. All Democrats welcome to this meeting. Come Join and learn about opportunities to help elect Democrats and build up Somerset County. Join Zoom Meeting If you cannot join us by zoom please join us by phone Dial by your location +1 646 876 9923 US (New York) Meeting ID: 895 0156 7362 Passcode: 899179

As County Chair, I wanted to think about my response regarding the second impeachment of Donald Trump. The senate again failed again to convict Donald Trump. The Republican Party is so concerned of losing the voters that Trump built through propaganda and falsehoods they will do anything to hold onto power. Instead of standing up for the Constitution of the United States they chose to stand by a man who is corrupt and has always been corrupt. The Republican Party currently is at war within itself. Affraid to lose power they are trying to hold onto what power they have. The Republican party although I do not agree with their methods but they too want what is best for this country. We just have different ways of doing things. We all love the United States and take pride in living here. The problem is that Trump brought out the worse…

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Maine Dems are holding forums with each county in Maine to debrief the 2020 election and look forward to the work ahead. At these forums, we will facilitate discussions to build upon the successes and momentum of the last two years and lay the groundwork we need to contest every single race — from the top of the ballot all the way down to local municipal elections. RSVP Link:

Greetings Somerset County Democrats is launching a Communications Hub to unite fellow Democrats and those who are not being heard. Please go to

Yesterday the Somerset County Democrats had its elections. Robert Hyer was elected as Chair for a term of 2 years Joel Bouchard was elected as Vice-Chair for a term of 2 years Dan Savage retained his role as secretary for a term of 2 years Mike Hein was elected Treasurer for a term of 2 years. Please welcome and congratulate all newly elected officers of Somerset County.

The Somerset County Maine Democratic Party denounces all violence in our capital. Not since the war of 1812 has our capital been ransacked. Over the past 4 years, Trump has enabled the extreme right to come out of the shadows into the mainstream. He has created a huge division in the United States and will have many repercussions in the future under the Biden Administration. He continues to push voter fraud and refuses to denounce the actions that took place. Many congressional leaders were put at risk; however the Republican Party continues to turn a blind eye to Trumps last days. The good thing is that in about a week Trump will be gone and Biden will become president. We have been patiently waiting for the past 4 years for a change in administration. We all need to unite as a people and denounce hate and violence. Trump has brought…

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The Somerset County Maine Democrats would like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year. 2020, has been a very challenging year due to covid-19 and the many sacrifices that we have had to make. Many families have lost a love one and are struggling to survive as they cannot pay rent, bills and/or feed their families. Many individuals who once were independent are having to rely on friends and family to survive. A new year is coming and we all have hope. Please be kind to one another and follow covid-19 guidelines. The beginning of 2021 will be challenging; however I believe as Mainers and human beings that we can come together and overcome this challenge Please Stay Safe and Healthy

I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy and had a safe holiday this year. I know that this year is very different from the previous year as we cannot be with family. Updates; Somerset County Officer Elections are coming up at our next meeting Creating a members only area on this site for Somerset County Dems (please register and sign up) Looking for volunteers in 2021 for a subcommittee to review the by-laws and recommend changes/updates The Maine Democratic Party will be having forums in every county to discuss the past election which will include hard data and where we can make some grounds (TBD) The Maine Democratic Party will be holding upcoming officer elections for the Maine Democratic Committee

Good ShepardVirtual Food Drive This year, many of our friends and neighbors are facing hardships. That’s why we are teaming up with Democrats across the state to support the Good Shepherd Food Bank and provide 32,000 meals to Mainers in need. Every $1 raised provides 3 meals for Maine families in need, and the Maine Democratic Party is matching the first 3,000 meals! Visit to get started making a difference! Your tax deductible donation will help The Food Bank to distribute nourishing food, including fresh produce grown from Maine farmers, to our neighbors in need. The impacts of hunger hit families and older Mainers hardest. Will you join us in supporting this worthy cause by donating here? Drive