Get Involved

We are fighting for a better, fairer, and brighter future for every American: rolling up our sleeves, empowering grassroots voters, and organizing everywhere to take our country back. We need volunteers to help promote the Democratic party so that we can elect more Democrats. Grassroots are the key to reaching out and understanding voters. We need your help to be able to promote Democrats in Somerset County.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Phone Banking:

Contact indivdiuals in the community from the safety from your home discussing candidates, promoting candidates, promoting the county and municipal committees, discussing volunteering options and listening to individuals in the community.


Smile – the voter can hear it in your voice
Connect – say your name and that you are a volunteer
Keep dialing – the campaign is counting on you to make a specific number of calls & contacts per shift.
Declare, don’t ask – don’t let your voice rise at the end of a sentence unless you are really asking a question.
Stand – if you feel your energy flagging, stand while you talk to keep your blood flowing.
Be prepared – use whatever information is provided to connect with the voter.
Ask questions – if you ask a voter an open-ended question, he/she is more likely to talk to you.
Listen – especially with persuasion calls, listen to the answers to your questions
Take good notes – clearly enter the result of every call.
Forget a bad call – even if someone hangs up or yells at you, don’t let it affect your next call.


Reach out to indivdiuals door-to-door in your community discussing candidates, promoting candidates, promoting county and municipal committees, discussing volunteering options and listening to individuals in the community.


Be safe – canvass in teams and never go inside anyone’s house. If the sign says “Beware of dogs”, don’t enter.
Dress for the weather and walking – look presentable, but be comfortable. Bring snacks & water.
Smile – look the voter in the eyes.
Knock & stand back – allow the voter to take a look at you and open the door.
Don’t guess – it’s ok to say “I don’t know.” Write down a voter’s question & contact info & ask someone to follow up.
Don’t debate – listen to what the voter says, then pivot back to your message. Arguing loses votes.
Follow instructions about literature drops – if the voter isn’t home, find out if you should leave information. NEVER leave materials in the voter’s mailbox. Try to leave it at the door the family uses.
Follow clues in the environment and connect – bumper stickers? Yard signs? Toys in yard?
Use the sidewalk where there is one – show respect by not cutting across the grass.

Special Projects and Committees

We are always seeking volunteers to start and participate in municipal committees and the county committee. Join us to work on projects such as reaching out to voters, analyzing data regarding the election, hosting house parties ( when safe), planning events in the community, recruiting potential candidates for local and state offices.